DIY PCB Manufacturing


How do you make your own high quality (Single or Double Sided) PCB's at home !?

Complete with solder mask and silk screen! (PCB for UV-Panel below).







The first video in a small series, showing different PCB etchants is now available on YouTube:


PCB Etching With HCl + H2O2. (First Test)

This will be replaced once the series is complete, by a more detailed video (Tutorial)




8 cm by 8 cm UV-LED Panel:  /uv-8x8cm.pdf


600 UV-LED Panel (21 cm by 30 cm): /600LEDuv-1.pdf - /600LEDuv-2.pdf - /600LEDuv-3.pdf
(NOTE: The footprints are back to front on board 3, sorry)